Truro Camera Club

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An annual digital themed competition will be held in the memory of Joanne Payne, a former member of Truro Camera Club, the Competition Winner will be awarded the "Joanne Payne Photography Award".

This year's competition's title My Lockdown - Digital Images, Judge: Brian Galbraith

1st Always In The Back Of Your Mind - Paul Nash, the winner of the trophy this year.

2nd The Virus - Rob Eschle

3rd Nothing But Bad News - Ned Grieve

Highly Commended: The Runny Honey Vaccine - Dave Duffney, A Ray Of Hope In This Darkness - Lynn Pascoe

Commended: Drumming Solo - Ned Grieve, An Hour A Day - Ned Grieve, Not This Year - Adrian Rowlands, Post-Covid Planning - John Yarrow, My Partners In Lockdown - Margaret Hocking, PPE Production - John Yarrow

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